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About the Church of The Holy Communion Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Sponsored by the church of the Holy Communion has been open since October of 2012. We currently serve more than 40 families a month and the need continues to grow. If you know of someone needing assistance, send them our way.

We would also be most grateful for any contributions you can make to help us keep our shelves stocked. Items in greatest need are listed on the back.

66 Summit St, Norwood, NJ 07648

(201) 768-0634


Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in volunteering for the CHC Food Pantry? Help make a difference in the community by assisting in the sorting, marking, shopping, or hosting of food for the underprivileged. To help, contact the Church office @ 201-768-0634. God bless you!

The Church of the Holy Communion


66 Summit St.,

Norwood NJ, 07648


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